8 Air Fryer Chicken Recipe Ideas


8 Air Fryer Chicken Recipe Ideas
8 Air Fryer Chicken Recipe Ideas

To all those looking for ideas to make chicken in your air fryer: this post is for you!

Recipe Ideas

I reached out to those in the food blogging community for recipes that use electric cooking appliances (such as the air fryer), and got a great response. Today, I wanted to showcase 8 recipes that use the air fryer to cook chicken, and give you some options. There is a link provided to each recipe, so that you can go directly to the recipe that you want to try. I have also included links to 2 of my chicken recipes using the air fryer, as well.

The Air Fryer

I love my air fryer, and I am finding more and more people that feel the same way. I wanted to showcase some of the ways this device can help you get a meal on the table. Many air fryer recipes can be used with a convection oven, as they cook in a very similar way (rapid heat being circulated around your food). The rapidly moving air allows your food to brown and get an effect similar to frying.

Surface Oil

To improve the frying and browning effects that the air fryer, your may need a bit of oil on the surface of your food (check the recipe to see if it calls for it). Be sure to use an oil without a bunch of extras (some additives can be harmful to your air fryer). I use Chosen Foods 100% Avocado Oil in a pressurized spray container (available at many grocery stores and at Costco), as it gives me an even spray without anything extra.

The Recipe Ideas

Recipes links are listed in alphabetical order. The photographs are being used with permission, and link back to the actual recipe. What recipes will you try?



ActiFry Chicken Thighs: These thighs have paprika and onion flavoring them and can be used on a sandwich or on a salad.



Air Fried Chicken : Marinated chicken, with a crispy and flavorful coating, using Indian spices and techniques. Can be used for a snack or appetizer.


Air Fryer Chicken Tenders: Chicken is soaked in a brine before being coated in a easy 2 step coating process, to create a crispy exterior.



Air Fried Parmesan Chicken Strips

Air Fried Parmesan Chicken Strips (a KFO recipe): Moist buttery chicken tenders, covered in a crispy parmesan panko coating.



Air Fryer “Rotisserie” Chicken: Using a basket air fryer, you can easily get a rotisserie effect on your chicken, at home, using simple ingredients.


Air Fryer Southwest Chicken: Southwest flavored marinated chicken breasts, that you can use for tacos, salad or with your favorite sides.



Air Fryer Sriracha Honey Chicken Wings: Air fried chicken wings, coated in a homemade sriracha honey sauce.




steam/pressure cook and air fry for best wings

Crispy Chicken Wings, using pressure and air fryer methods (a KFO recipe): Pressure cooking tenderizes the chicken wings (while reducing fat in the skin), then is made crispy without flour in the air fryer. You can eat as is, or coat with your favorite sauce.


Thanks for Visiting!

I hope this gave you some ideas to use chicken in your air fryer. Stay tuned for more posts to showcase work from other bloggers, especially ones that use counter-top electric kitchen appliances. If you have ideas for future posts or want your recipe showcased, please comment to this post or email me at Kayla@kaylasfoodobsession.com


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