Gluten-Free Instant Pot Ideas: The Pork Recipes

19 Pork Recipe Ideas

Searching for gluten-free meals can be quite overwhelming, especially if the topic is new to you. This post is a resource for you to find gluten-free pork options (or easily made gluten-free), that use a multi-function pressure cooker, such as Instant Pot or GoWise (and some even have slow-cooker options).

Whether you are looking for a use for pork ribs, pork shoulder, bacon, ham or sausage, you can find inspiration here.

Important Note

If you are cooking for another individual that requires gluten-free, please discuss the extent of their sensitivity to make sure you fully understand their condition (some people with Celiac disease cannot tolerate cross-contamination). I will update this page with a link (once available) to a practical resource page, written by someone with decades of knowledge on the topic.


Gluten-Free in the Instant Pot

Instant Pots, and other similar electric multi-function pressure cookers, have an amazing way of making gluten-free so easy. This is one kitchen devices that gets used regularly in my house. I’ve become so infatuated with these devices that I now have three of them: One 12 quart GoWise and two Instant Pots (one 6 quart and one 8 quart). You can find a full list of recipes that use these amazing devices at KFO Electric Pressure Cooker/Multi-function Cooker Obsession and Recipes page.


Showcasing Recipes Create by Others

I reached out to those in the food blogging community for recipes that use electric cooking appliances (such as the Instant Pot or other similar electric pressure/multi-function cookers), and got a great response! Today, I wanted to showcase 19 recipes that use the Instant Pot (or other electric pressure cookers) to cook gluten-free pork recipes, and give you some options.

There is a link provided to each recipe, so that you can go directly to the gluten-free pork recipe that you want to try. I’ve even tried to take note of various additional dietary notes (such as paleo, Whole30, etc.), but please read the linked recipe for yourself to make sure. If you find ways to convert a recipe to be friendly for your dietary restriction, please comment with what worked for you.


The Recipe Ideas (In Alphabetical Order)

#01- Baby Back Ribs

This recipes is from the “From Pasta to Paleo” blog, and the author notes that this is Whole30 and paleo compliant. There are also notes if you would like the option to use the slow cooker. Once you have cooked these ribs, you can finish under a broiler with sauce.



#02- Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

You can make this recipe from “Cooking with Curls”, and have meatloaf and potatoes (for mashed potatoes) cooked in one pot for a classic dinner. Combining bacon with ground beef to create amazing meaty flavors is always a winning combination for my family.



#03- BBQ Pulled Pork

This recipe from “My Kitchen Love” for pulled pork also includes a BBQ sauce and notes for an apple and cabbage coleslaw recipe. Those components are all gluten-free, and if you find some gluten-free rolls you can have your own pulled pork sandwiches. You’re in luck if you are hoping for a slow-cooker option.

#04- BBQ Ribs

Using back ribs (also known as baby back ribs), this rib recipe by “Went Here 8 This” is gluten-free and dairy-free. Once the ribs have finished cooking, they get finished on the grill with your favorite BBQ sauce.


#05- Best of Both Worlds Pork Ribs

These pork ribs use St. Louis style/cut pork ribs, seasonings and liquid smoke to flavorful ribs in your pressure cooker. You can make these ahead of time, and then finish with your favorite BBQ sauce on your grill or under a broiler. Using pressure cooker and grill together, you truly get the best of both worlds with these ribs. This rib recipe is from this site, “Kayla’s Food Obsession”, and is a tried and true recipe for our family (and great with pinto beans cooked up in the leftover cooking liquid).

Ribs, beans, zucchini and corn (veggies have herb compound butter)



#06- Brown Sugar and Butter Frozen Ham

From “Make the Best of Everything” you have a recipe to cook a frozen ham in the Instant Pot. This could be a great option for you holiday gatherings. If you decide to use the glaze packet that comes with it, make sure that part is gluten-free, as recipe uses a brown sugar and butter glaze instead.


#07- Café Rio Sweet Pork Tacos

This recipe by “Half-Scratched” needs a gluten-free soy sauce substitution (such as gluten-free tamari or Worcestershire sauce), and then you can enjoy this on corn tortillas. There’s also a link the slow cooker version and for a creamy cilantro dressing to go on top.


#08- Cheddar Bacon Onion Mashed Potatoes

Bacon makes everything better, and that includes mashed potatoes. “Half-Scratched” recipe has a lot of my favorite things about comfort food. This can be great as a side or just to indulge yourself.


#09- Chili Verde

This dish by “Beauty and the Foodie” is Keto, Paleo and Whole30 complaint, and is also dairy-free. Enjoy the tender pieces of pork shoulder, flavored with salsa verde, in this guilt-free recipe. Enjoy on it’s own, or with your favorite toppings.


#10- Country Style Ribs

These Keto country style ribs recipe somes from “Beauty and the Foodie” also come with a recipe for a paleo BBQ sauce (and everything is dairy free). You can enjoy this with your favorite side.


#11- Cuban Mojo Pork

Using citrus and flavorful herbs/spices, this recipe would be great on your favorite corn tortillas with your favorite toppings. This gluten-free and dairy-free recipe is by “Plating and Pairings”, and offers a wine pairing suggestion.


#12- Green Chile Pork Tacos

This recipe by “The Heritage Cook” is packed with flavorful ingredients, and is sure to remind you to always check your premade enchilada sauce to ensure it is gluten-free. If you skip the cheese topping, they are also dairy-free.


#13- Kalua Pork

“Simply Happy Foodie” brings you a version of Kalua Pork from ingredients that are easy to find, so that you can enjoy this at home. I’ve seen several versions, but this one is unique in it’s use of cabbage to surround the meat while it is cooking.


#14- Lentil and Sausage Soup

Lentils soak up that amazing flavors of bacon, sausage, vegetables and herbs to create a tasty soup that is gluten-free and dairy-free. Many people have been converted to lentil lovers by this soup, and is loved by ever child that I have cooked it for (so far). This recipe is from this site, “Kayla’s Food Obsession”, and is made regularly.


Lentil and Sausage Soup, cooked in an electric pressure cooker


#15- Pulled Pork

From “Lemon Blossoms” we have a pulled pork recipe that can be great at your next get together. Using a flavorful dry rub and a semi-homemade BBQ, you can create a tasty BBQ pulled pork for your friends and family.


#16- Pulled Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Rice

This recipe for pulled pork by “The Organic Kitchen” can be make in the Instant Pot or in the slow cooker, and comes with recipes for cilantro lime rice and two different salsas. Lots of bright, flavorful ingredients coming together in one dish.

#17- Red Beans and Rice

Between Cajun style smoked pork andouille, vegetables and using creole seasoning, the red beans in this recipe have so much flavor! Be sure to double check your sausage for gluten, but the brands I’ve tried haven’t contained gluten. This is also a dairy-free recipe, and one that is from this site, “Kayla’s Food Obsession”.


#18- Shredded Green Chile Pork

Creating a homemade green chile sauce (that is also dairy-free) with roasted chiles and tomatillos, “I Just Make Sandwiches” uses that sauce to bring amazing flavor to pork shoulder. In the post, there is also provided to the slow-cooker version.

#19- Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya

This recipes is from this page, “Kayla’s Food Obsession” (also known as KFO), and is an adaptation of a stove-top favorite. It uses traditional creole flavors, with smoked andouille (just double check your sausage for gluten-free) and shrimp. Jambalaya happens to be one of my favorite comfort foods, and this one hits the spot!

Instant Pot Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya

I hope that after going through this post, you find many ideas for meals that you are excited to try. I will try to make notes about possible issues with individual ingredients. Key your eye out for more gluten-free post to come.

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I hope this gave you some tasty gluten-free Instant Pot recipe ideas. Stay tuned for more posts to showcase work from other bloggers, especially ones that use counter-top electric kitchen appliances.

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