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Hi, my name is Kayla. I find myself always finding something new to learn about in the kitchen (and the food world, in general). I also really enjoy sharing my journey and the information that I am collecting along the way. When I find something that really intrigues me, amuses me, makes my life tastier or makes my life easier, I become a bit food obsessed. I created Kayla’s Food Obsession January 2018 as a way to share my recipes and passion for food.

I have been lucky to be raised in a family that loved food and encouraged learning in the kitchen (more in Cooking with My Family post). It wasn’t until I was a young adult, while cooking for my friends, that I really started trying to learn more than following a recipe and learning to improvise (we sometimes had to work with what we had on hand or what was cheap). Realizing that I could provide comfort and nourishment to people, while also being able to do something that I got joy out of, really fueled my love to cooking and most things food related. I started being more adventurous while cooking, and gained more confidence in my knowledge and abilities.

Over the years, having the perspectives of wife, mom and nurse, have made me really appreciate the knowledge and skills I have been able to cultivate throughout my life, and also how much more there is to learn and try in the kitchen. I will never stop learning, and I hope to pass that mind-set to my children. I have seen how many people could have a better quality of life and maybe more of appreciation for food, if they were able to create it themselves and understand the “why” and “how” of different steps better.

I hope to spread my passion for food and learning to others, and inspire others to try new things in the kitchen. I don’t know everything, I never will. That means there is always something new and interesting for me to get Food Obsessed about. The journey for the Kayla’s Food Obsession is just stating, and I am excited to see where it takes my family and I.

I hope you try my recipes, feel inspired, and join my journey to learn and share in the kitchen. If you would like to ask a food/cooking related question, please email me at kayla@kaylasfoodobession.com and I will do my best to answer (at the very least, I’ll try to find a resource for you).

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A special thank you to my family for all of your inspiration and support.

Thank you to Dallas Estudillo (also a family member), for creating the logo for Kayla’s Food Obsession.


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